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We have a few rules that all participants must abide by.  These rules are meant to keep all of our guests and our equipment safe, and ensures our smooth running operation.
Thank you for your understanding.

– Leave all rope at home or in your car. Do not bring rope with you on the river.  Rope is inherently dangerous if it goes in the water.

– Do not attach boats together side-by-side with rope.

– Leave your towables at home or in your car.  Do not attach any kind of floating tube, toy, cooler or board to the back of the boat.

– Do not wear jeans.  They are uncomfortable and heavy when wet.

– Do not go barefoot.

– Styrofoam coolers are not allowed.

– Barbeques or any kind of cooking stoves are not allowed.

– Do not quit your trip before the end. There is a $150 per canoe fee to rescue you and your SOAR canoe.

– Do not abandon your boat on the river under any circumstance. There will be a $150 per canoe recovery fee.